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5⭐ Experience

George Neus

Team partner from Munich

As a management consultant, I have a large network of dealers in the field of cycling. Through my personal network I became aware of crossworx. I am happy to recommend the services of crossworx to others. And the best: some of my dealer clients use this opportunity themselves and also generate their own passive additional income.

Renata summer

Team partner from Cologne

I got to know crossworx during my marketing studies. I have already recommended the innovative services three times and generate an income that saves me a part-time job. I think the Livetime Bonus is great. It is a real passive side income and allows me to devote more time to my studies.

Josef Dellmann

Team partner from Stuttgart

I am a wholesaler in the automotive parts sector and have a large dealer network that I supply regularly. By chance I became aware of crossworx, immediately recognized the advantages and signed up as a team partner free of charge and passed the recommendation on to my dealers. I use the Livetime Bonus to refinance additional promotions for my dealers. 

What are the advantages for our team partners ?

Free registration and building a personal network with a real passive income or a regular side income. A real livelihood concept.

Free use of the crossworx back office and an overview of your own established network at any time. Free training and documentation as well as a personal recommendation link.

Livetime bonus on all transactions in your own network. Up-to-the-second evaluations and reliable monthly payouts.

Further advantages are possible through continuous network building. Your professional plan B. You determine the time commitment yourself.

Who can become a team partner ?


Whether sole proprietorship or corporation. Use your network to your trading partners and suppliers and create another source of income.

Private individuals

You are a private person and have a network to different and many people in your private and professional environment? Then build a plan B to your current income, which can generate a passive income for you regardless of time and place.


Would you like to open up the benefits of our services to your affiliated partner companies? Then register today and recommend your partner dealers to us. You can use the generated bonus in a value-adding way in your organization.

free registration

Start now and generate passive income.

Answers to your questions

Who can become a team partner?

Team partners can become private individuals as well as companies and organizations.

What do I have to do to receive a bonus?

First of all, you register with us free of charge as a team partner. Then you recommend products or services from our extensive range of product partners. For every recommendation you receive from a product partner, you will be credited with a referral bonus. You can see this in real time in your back office. You can also register other team partners under yourself. This way you can build up your own recommendation network with us. These team partners can also recommend products and services from our product partner network. You and all your team partners from your own network benefit up to the 6th level from all recommendations that have taken place there. This way you can build up a real financial plan B besides your job or a good source of income during your studies.

When and for how long is the bonus paid?

The bonus is always paid monthly on the 20th of the following month. You will receive the bonus for as long as the affiliated product partner works with us. This can be several years. Each team partner also receives free access to their own back office in our system and can thus track the development of their bonus live and manage their network.

Will it cost me anything to register as a team partner?

The registration as a team partner is completely free of charge for you. There are also no minimum contract periods. You decide how long you want to work with us.

Do I have to buy products or services myself?

No, you don't have to buy any products or services yourself at any time. Whether you use your monthly bonus credit for the purchase of products is entirely up to you. By default, we pay out the bonus monthly to your stored team partner account.

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