the social selling network

internal starter platform

Here you will find many relevant links to our systems

Core systems
  • CWX Live System
  • CWX demo system
  • CWX Markets Backoffice
  • CWX Markets test store public
  • CWX Hubspot CRM
  • CWX Quickrate Backoffice
  • CWX Accounting and Invoicing
  • CWX Marketing Text KI Tool swissmademarketing
  • CWX Marketing Text AI Tool neuroflash
  • CWX Website Analytics
Media and websites
  • official website crossworx
  • xworld site multilingual
  • quickrate website
  • Explanatory film product partner
  • Explanatory film team partner
  • selected partner store: KARLEX
  • selected partner store: ROCKET BIKES
  • Link to the product partner webinar
  • Link to the Team Partner Webinar
  • Link to Youtube channel
  • Link to Facebook page
  • Link to Instagram page
  • Link to LinkedIn page
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